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  • 2017 Upcoming Speaking Engagements:
    • March 21, 2017 - GeoAlberta 2017 - Hyatt Regency Downtown, Calgary, AB, Canada
      • Topic 1: Keynote - Perform in the Moment, Take Pride in the Journey (12:45-1:45 pm)
        • For Details Go To: GeoAlberta 2017
      • Topic 2: Workshop - Does Everyone in the Geomatics World Have, Let Alone, Need Leadership Skills? (1:45-4:30 pm)
        • How does leadership become a key foundation that everyone related to a sport GIS project should believe is essential? This interactive exploration is designed to open your mind to new ways in which to approach projects in which data matters, but brings into focus why your individual leadership style is what makes data matter!
    • March 23, 2017 - Adaptive Physical Activity Symposium, Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB, Canada
      • Topic: Introduction to Para-Sport Development and Coaching (9:00 am-12:30 pm)
    • March 25, 2017 - Adaptive Physical Activity Symposium, Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB, Canada
      • Topic:Para-Snowboard—An LTAD Strategy for Creating a New Paralympic Sport (10:00-11:00 am)


Pozitive Results Sport Strategies Inc. (PRSS) provides International Consulting Services focused on Planning, Performance, and Leadership in Sport and Recreation.

In 2013, Pozitive Results Sport Strategies aligned with PeekImage, LLC and PeekImage, Inc., in the creation of PeekSportStrategies.PeekSportStrategiesoperates in fullalignmentwith Pozitive Results Sport Strategies offering a parallel suite of international consulting services focused on planning, performance and leadership in sport and recreation.

PRSS Services Include:

  • Professional Keynote Speaking and Workshops[details]
  • Performance Consultation [details]
    • High Performance Advisory Support - Olympic and Paralympic Sport
    • Developmental Transition to Performance
    • Program Management
  • Talent Identification Pathway and Program Development [details]
    • Talent Identifications Strategies
    • Professionalization, Marketing and Branding Strategies
  • Coach Education and Leadership[details]
    • Coach Education Programming, Training and Professional Development
    • Coach EducationDelivery (National Coach Certification Program)
    • Coach Mentoring
    • Olympic and Paralympic Sport Streams
  • Disability/Adaptive Sport [details]
    • PRSS provides services in support of participants/athletes with a disability, including adaptive and Para-sport programs, Paralympic high performance programs and Gamespreparation
  • Organizational Governance [details]
    • PRSS offer guidance, development and implementation of policy and governance processes to allow for the optimal management and execution of sport-based organizations.
  • Evidence-Based Data Assessment and Analytics [details]
    • PRSS integrates data solutions through evidence-based data assessment and analytics, data audits, database system design and the application of spatial data methodologies through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in conjunction with Big Data conceptual strategies.
    • Facility and Usage Assessments

We hope that you find the site informative and encourage you to contact us for further details on our service offerings.


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